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Welcome to my little corner of the net. Some of the things you'll find around here will quite likely be of no interest to anyone but me, but you're more then welcome to poke around.


I was born in Durham, North Carolina in 1973. My parents and I moved up to Halifax, Nova Scotia when I was a year and a half old. I participated in the French Immersion Program offered by the Halifax Regional School Board before moving on to the University of King's College in Halifax from which I graduated with an Advanced Major in Computer Science. Upon graduation I moved to Ottawa, Ontario to start a full time job.


Since I graduated in 1996 and moved to Ottawa I've held down a couple different jobs in the high tech sector here:

BNR / Northern Telecom / Nortel / Nortel Networks
I worked for the Big Nerd Ranch for 3 years in one of the old DMS telephony groups. My primary job was working on an internal tool for managing database schema changes for the DMS.
CrossKeys Systems / Orchestream
At CrossKeys I worked on the 3.0 and 4.0 releases of Resolve, their network service & performance monitoring suite.
Catena Networks
Most recently I spent 21 months on contract with Catena Networks working on the 1.0 and 2.0 versions of their EMS (Element Management System).

As a result of turning contractor nearly 2 years ago now, I now have / am my own company: mKnife Consulting Inc. If you're interested, you can find my resume here in pdf format.


Other then work (actually not-work currently), I have a couple of distractions that take up my time.

Sometimes refered to as "Cultimate" or "That silly game with a frisbee," Ultimate is a great game. I captain The U-Files, one of the over 350 teams that play in the Ottawa-Carleton Ultimate Association, the largest Ultimate league in the world. I also volunteer my time as one of their webmonkeys.
Ottawa has a great network of bike paths that run all around this fair city.
Being a geek of sorts, I do tend to spend a fair amount of time in front of a computer, much to my girlfriend's chagrin. I'm either working as part-time webmaster for the OCUA website, doing some surfing, or playing one of my current favorite games:
Role-Playing Games
Another one of those geeky activities, I'm currently involved in is a 3ed D&D campaign with 5 of my friends. I'm playing a Barbarian / Fighter named Guerin who loves to cleave things with his greatsword.
Not so much role-playing in the strictest sence, but there's a small group of us who play Necromunda, a table-top combat / strategy game using miniatures.
Ah yes, the boob-tube. The source of all 21st century culture. And what fun culture it provides:
Sports Watch
My girlfriend Heather and I can't get enough of the NFL when it's in-season. Sunday's will often find us glued to the couch from 11:00am, to catch Boomer and the boys on ESPN's Sunday Countdown, and we're usually there till the end of the late game. I don't know if you could say that either of us have an absolute favorite team, we just like seeing a good game or two every weekend.
It's probably my father's fault, being an alum and all, but I always try to see as many Duke Blue Devils men's basketball games as I can. Unfortunately I usually only get to watch a handful a season as we can't get ESPN up here in Canada...
A group of friends and I have been partaking of Ottawa Senators half-season tickets for the past couple of years. Unfortunately the circle of friends has been getting smaller and smaller, and the tickets have been getting more and more expensive (and the hockey has been getting a bit boring) so we may not be renewing for the 2002-03 season.

Hmm, looks like I've got a lot of stuff to take up what little free time I have...


I have a moderately large collection of CDs, though the rate at which my collection has been expanding lately is significantly less then what it used to be. (And no, it's not because I'm Napstering all my new music now.) Check out my rather disparate taste in music.


I used to play violin, bass, and guitar. Now most of them just sit around in their cases in the corner of my office collecting dust. Everyone once in a while one of them will see the light of day. If you're curious, here's my gear.

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