Axes Amplification Stomp Boxes
PBC Gtb355 Gallien-Krueger 400rb Boss Chorus
Ibanez SGR-800 Eden D-210t Ibanez Tube Screamer
Guild Ashbory Bass Peavey Minx 110 MXR Phaser 45
Ibanez Les Paul '57 copy   Boss Flanger
Fender (Squire) Jazz   Ibanez Wah
    Roland Double-beat

  About the Gear  


The PBC is my main axe. The first time I touched one was at a guitar show back home and fell in love immediately. The neck is fast and not too wide. It's a dream to play. Before this bass I was like "Who needs 5 strings? 4 is enough." After this bass I don't know if I'll ever go back. My only compaint: double ball-end strings are a bitch to find. Oh yeah, and PBC has gone out of business so I better not break anything.

The Guild Ashbory I picked up sorta as a lark but also 'cause the whole concept intregued me. With an 18" scale and silicon strings, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. It is certainly a completely different experience in playing.

The Ibanez "SoundGear" was my main bass until I got the PBC. Nice light bass with a slim neck. Great for thumping too.

The Squire was my first bass. Before I bought the Jazz I borrowed one from a friend and liked the feel so figured what the hey. It has one problem though; I think there's something funky going on in the grounding somewhere cause if I take my hands off the strings there's a slight buzz / humm that comes out of the amp. The Jazz pretty much just sits in the case now. At some point if I'm feeling creative it might get turned into a fretless though.

A couple of years ago I decided I needed a guitar. I found the Les Paul copy at the Folklore Center in Halifax for $300. It was a steal as far as I am concerned. It's got a couple of problems with it though. The rhythm/lead switch doesn't work when you kick it into lead, which is okay 'cause I don't play lead and I don't like the tone it gives anyway. The cord jack is a bit loose too, resulting in the signal being somewhat intermittent sometimes, but hey, for a kicker it suites my purposes. I'm sure I'll get the electronics fixed in it some year.

I just recently becaume smitten with the basses created by Sheldon Dingwall. These basses have to be some of the strages beasts I've ever seen. I suppose now what I've got to do is find myself one to take for a test drive.


The old MXR is sweet, particularly when run with the Tube Screemer. I unfortunately busted up the Roland (striped the wires of one of the pots by accident) but I've managed to get my hands on the circuit layout so as soon as I get my hands on a soldering iron it should be up and running again.


I must say I'm pretty happy with my GK and Eden setup. It's infinitely better than the old Minx (which has turned into my guitar amp). A 15" cab might be coming somewhere down the road. The 2x10 is pretty good with the low B but a 15" would improve things markedly I think.

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